Universal Declaration of Human Rights Infograph

I created my first INFOGRAPH.

After I watched the video on You Tube titled, The Story of Human Rights, I became very interested in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights document. I wondered how it came into being, as well as the process it took. Then I thought, “Hey, why not create my very first infograph from all the information I found out!”

Bear in mind, I am not a trained graphic artist… I dabble. I learned Adobe Illustrator on my own, by watching hours and hours of videos one summer.

Some of the more difficult graphics you see I purchased on a website called Vector Stock.

I did my best to simplify the process and present it in a clear concise manner. Let me know if I succeeded!  I checked and double-check my sources, finding most of my information directly from the United Nations website. This is the most important step when creating these informative works of art.

In the future, I hope to develop some more Infographics, possibly ones that have less information and more graphics. I would love your feedback moving forward!

Did it come out ok? Do you find it is easy or difficult to follow the process? Is it visually appealing? 




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