A few of my favorite places…

Hello! Do you have places that you like to visit for whatever reason – the staff is friendly, home-like atmosphere, the people you meet, and the help you receive? When I get the opportunity to run to town without kids, I have my favorite places I enjoy stopping in to just say “hi”, see what is on sale, grab a bite to eat, definitely indulge in a caramel latte and simply have an adult conversation.

I live about ten minutes outside of Rhinelander, WI (8000+/- people). I’m impressed with the fact there are four coffee shops that serve light lunches, smoothies, tea and all drinks coffee related and two natural/organic health food stores – none are chain businesses. Rhinelander still has a thriving downtown district with fun and unique shops and plenty of restaurants and pubs. In the spring and summer, there are a handful of greenhouses and garden centers and a booming farmer’s market.

I love many things but I have an addiction for good coffee, sales, buying local, handcrafted items and gardening.

Coffee Beans, Etc. is my favorite coffee shop. Mostly because the owner and baristas are very friendly and it is a joy just to walk in. Of course, I stop in often enough that they know what I’m going to order. They serve organic and conventional coffee and teas, bagel sandwiches and wraps, soup through the fall and winter, salads and smoothies. The baristas are creative in coming up with the “Latte of the Week”. There are a few couches in the corner with a fireplace to hangout and plenty of tables to sit at. You can purchase bulk coffee and teas a long with local, handcrafted gift items. Coffee Beans, Etc. has free Wi-Fi and a public computer to use.

Coffee Beans, Etc.

The Country Seed is a unique natural/organic health food store and gift shop. You can find every vitamin, mineral and herb supplement you can think of to local, handcrafted pottery and other unique gift items. The Country Seed is located in an old house which makes it a fun, cozy place to visit. You can find bulk foods and Wisconsin raw honey and maple syrup.

Golden Harvest is another natural/organic health food store. The bakery is amazing and many local restaurants use the breads for their sandwiches and Panini’s. In the spring and summer, they have a beautiful garden center.

I’ve recently discovered Fun Factory Sweet Shoppe which is probably a good thing since it is an old-fashioned candy store and I do have a sweet tooth for chocolate every now and then. They carry gift items and their homemade fudge and chocolate-dipped candies are worth the visit.

We have had very interesting weather here, just like everywhere else but it has been trying my patience when five months out of the year I love to be outside gardening. Trees are budding, plants, herbs and flowers are sprouting out of the ground and I as type this, snow is falling from the sky. Even though they are open for the season, I have not gone yet because I’m anxious enough by just planning my vegetable and flower/herb gardens. When I first drove into Hanson’s Garden Village almost two years ago, I fell in love. They have over 20 greenhouses with every annual, perennial, shrub and tree you can think of and a great selection of native plants for our area. The greenhouses are actually set up like a village with large wood cutouts in front resembling a chapel, barn, etc., with the “General Store” greenhouse displaying the fun and creative outdoor accessories. In a few weeks, I will be done planning and will actually visit Hanson’s Garden Village to get started.

Courtesy of Hanson's Garden Village

These are just a few of my favorite places I enjoy taking the time to stop in and definitely believe are worth checking out.

Have a Wonderful Day ~ Amanda


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