Making A Garden Plan


It’s almost time to plant the garden here in Olympia, and I found the perfect tool to help me do it!  I was perusing the Gardening page on pinterest this weekend, and found the most helpful garden planning site I have ever seen.

Here is the link to the Garden Plan page.  If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find a button that says, ‘Start Garden Planner’.

To give a preview-

The site looks up the average date of the last frost in your area, using your zip code.  With that information, it produces a list of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that grow well in your area.  It tells you when you can plant them, whether they should be planted indoors as seedlings, or direct seeded, and when you can expect to harvest.

The coolest part of this site, however, is the mapping feature.  You can set up a grid, with the exact dimensions of your garden, and plan out where each of your veggies/flowers/herbs will go.  The mapping tool knows the optimal spacing of almost everything, therefore, knows how many plants you will need to fill a certain space.  It’s easy to use, and when you’re done, allows you to print your map as well as a list of everything you plan on planting-with suggestions for when you should get things in the ground.

I would highly recommend taking a look!

Happy gardening.



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