Meet Amanda from Wisconsin, USA

Born and raised in the Midwest, Fonda, IA to be exact. I grew up with two sisters and a brother – all younger – on a farm outside a very small town (700 plus or minus) with a huge garden, chickens, an old chicken coup and a playhouse and the loft of the barn as a basketball court.  Spring was always a busy time, between getting the garden planted and enjoying the newness of everything.  Summers were spent walking beans, swimming, camping and fishing.  The fall consisted of canning and freezing vegetables and getting ready for winter.  Loved snowmobiling in the winter and making forts and playing “King of the Mountain” when the snow was piled high enough.

I have always lived in the Midwest, eastern Iowa and western Illinois, and now the Northwoods of Wisconsin – Rhinelander – where my husband, four kids and myself moved almost two years ago when my husband’s job was transferred to this area.  Other than a few years in my 20s while going through college and raising my oldest daughter, I have not wandered far from my roots.  I love the outdoors – playing with my kids and watching them experience everything in awe (I miss that innocence), organic gardening, fishing, hiking, wandering around in state/national parks, etc. I could not imagine living somewhere that didn’t have the four seasons. I love living in the middle of nowhere and within an hour radius having so much to see and do…looking forward to spending time day tripping with my family and continue discovering the new area we live in.

I have been lucky enough to visit and enjoy some beautiful places.  The top of my list would be when my husband and I got married on St. Thomas, USVI and we spent the rest of the week exploring St. John, USVI. Snorkeling is relaxing and entertaining until a shark decides to swim underneath you. I was thankful that happened the last day we had a chance to snorkel because I could not picture getting back in the water. One of my dreams has always been to swim with dolphins and we decided to explore Tortola, BVI and I got to cross that one off my bucket list, it was amazing.

Ontario, Canada but I’m talking about the area that hasn’t been touched much by civilization and there is nothing but rocks and trees, lakes, rivers, plenty of great fishing and wildlife.  I love to sit and take it all in, the air is clear and the view is absolutely gorgeous.

There are many more places around the world I will travel to in my life time. For the time being, I’m going to enjoy discovering areas around where I live, the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin.  I hope you will enjoy the adventures with me.



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