Meet Victoria from Massachusetts, USA

Hi, my name is Victoria, I would like to use my first blog post to introduce myself and tell you more about where I am from. I am a mother of three teenage children. I can also be found writing for a blog called it’s great to “BE”.  I blog much about encouraging others to BE their best in the world. I share discoveries and write to inspire others. I live in Massachusetts, USA. I love living in New England and would like to share some of the reasons why. First, I am within driving distance of the Atlantic Ocean. The sound of the waves and the sandy beaches are beautiful. I am grateful on any given day, I can bring my family for a day at the seashore. There are some quaint towns and fishing villages that are scattered along Cape Cod and the North Shore. I can’t imagine living my whole life and not experiencing the ocean and its vast beauty.

My second reason for loving New England is because I am so close to the mountains. We have great hiking trails and scenic views that are breath taking from high up on the mountains that make up much of Central and Western Massachusetts.  I also love that we get to experience a change of seasons. Admittedly, winter is not my favorite season, but I do like it for the cold air that seems to cleanse the environment. At least, that’s what it feels like to me.

I also love the historical significance Massachusetts has in relation to the forming of our country. Many children in grade school go on field trips to the historical sites in Massachusetts as apart of the curriculum they are learning in school. They don’t have to just read about it in textbooks, they have the gift of seeing it first hand. Many children don’t appreciate that fact until they are older, myself included.

I look forward to sharing with you some of the sights and traditions that are celebrated in Massachusetts. As well as my life and the activities I am exposed to because of my location in the world.

I hope you enjoy traveling with me through out the New England states as I share my stories, recipes and places to I visit.

Some interesting facts about the history of Massachusetts:

  • 1621 The first celebration of Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in Plymouth, MA.
  • 1634 The first public park in America.
  • 1639 The first free public schools were founded here.
  • 1653 The first American public library founded in Boston.
  • 1775 The first battle of the American Revolution was fought in Lexington and Concord.
  • 1796 The second president of the United States came from Massachusetts, John Adams.
  • 1806 The first church built by free blacks in America, the African Meeting House.
  • 1826 The first American railroad was built in Quincy.
  • 1831 The first abolitionist newspaper, The Liberator, was published in Boston.
  • 1875 The first American Christmas card printed by Louis Prang in Boston.
  • 1876 The first telephone demonstrated by Alexander Graham Bell in Boston.
  • 1826 The first liquid fuel rocket launched by Dr. Robert Goddard in Auburn.
  • 1960 John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline, elected 35th president.

8 thoughts on “Meet Victoria from Massachusetts, USA

  1. I love New England! A dear friend of mine lives in CT and I love to visit her in the fall. Lovely to meet you and looking forward to reading more about you and yours!

    • I love New England in the Fall too. This is a new blog, so I’m looking forward to posting about the Fall that includes beautiful pictures of the foliage. Thanks for stopping by!

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